The Cars Comparison: The 2019 Honda Civic vs. the 2019 Toyota Corolla

It’s not the standard in terms of rear legroom and shoulder Space, but it is effective at managing a family of four if perhaps not a household with growing teens. safety corolla civic is suspicious in the back for taller residents, with the ceiling side sections impinging on the distance to an embarrassing degree if you’re my size (182cm).

In Addition to the fact, there is only a Dark headliner accessible Makes if feel quite snug in the cabin. Some could say claustrophobic, in fact… Another concern is that the high-spec version will get rear-seat air-vents, but both lower grades don’t. And the ZR becomes more beautiful doorway plastics, where the Ascent Sport and SX have cheaper feeling hard plastics.

If You’d like the maximum practical hatch available about Boot space and luggage capacity, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

The ZR hybrid design gets the most critical boot dimension of the scope Because it has a bicycle repair kit instead of an extra tire. The storage space will be 333 liters (VDA), Instead of 217L in the Other variants, whether they have got a full-size spare (Ascent Sport petrol) or not


At least there is a retractable cargo cover, and you also can get A cargo barrier fitted if you want to lessen the 60/40 split-fold rear chairs and transform it into a compact van. Hey, some people do! And those people might also desire to obtain a cargo liner to block the carpeting from getting busted.

There are no versions with roof rails, but an eclectic Blue’ ZR model with a roof rack installation will look very cool.

Honda Civic7/10

The Civic hatch is unbelievably spacious from the cottage, at which Up-front the two chairs are split by a central bin housing two of the fattest, deepest cupholders we’ve ever seen (which could be America’s’Big Gulp’ influence in the Civic’s design), together with a hidden USB and power source that sits beneath the center console, even concealing the chords as you are plugged right into touchscreen apparatus.

The rear Seat is plenty spacious in the broader and longer Hatch – that also stays on a 30mm longer wheelbase than the outgoing car – using more shoulder, leg and knee room for back seat riders.

Back there, without the air vents, power outlets or USB points offer, together with the two cup holders placed into a pulldown divider that divides the back Seat.

The boot area is pegged at 4 14 liters using the 60/40 split back Seat in place, that will be sufficient to give the Civic hatch the edge over its guide.