Enhance The Investigation Process With Mobile Phone Expert Witness

Mobile phone forensics is the part of digital forensics it helps in recovering the data or the digital evidence about any crime from the mobile phone under the observation of forensically sound conditions. It is not just about the mobile device it is much more than that, all those devices which have internal memory and through which the communication is possible like tablets, computers, GPS service, and PDA devices. Use of mobile ion crime was recognized a few years back, but the field of mobile phone forensics is new in the detecting the crime scene.

mobile phone expert witness

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What type of data can be fetched from mobile phones: –

These data are fetched by the mobile phone expert witness because they have a lot of knowledge in this field of mobile phone forensics

  • Records of the call details: – with the help of mobile phone forensics all the details about the calls made and received can be fetched out. It is also helpful in providing the exact number of times call have been made and the duration of the call. It helps in getting the idea about the crime scene. All these data are present with the network provider so that they can improve their network.
  • Global positioning system: – GPS is the most effective way to know about the exact place of the crime. And even if any member is present during the crime and having a good and active mobile device with the help of GPS the location can be traced and it becomes easy to find the criminal.
  • SMS: – all the network providers keep the record of all the send and receive messages from their customers. If required the forensics can take the data from the network provider and can easily find the true suspect behind the crime scene.

In this era of technological advancement, science has made very significant efforts so that they can make our lives easier in every manner and aspect. So it is our responsibility that we should not take it for granted all the tools and techniques should be used carefully.